13 year old Ronan at ITF Trinidad

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13 year old Ronan Jachuck had an awesome 14′s supernational showing (won a gold and a silver ball). Then he took a week to train with us prior to participating in the Trinidad ITF World Event. All of the coaches felt that Ronan was in good form prior to leaving for the event and was certainly capable of winning a couple of matches, but we were a bit surprised when Roshan (Ronan’s father) contacted us every single day with news of another win. This is an 18 and under ITF/ world event with several world ranked players participating. We knew that Ronan could play some seriously good tennis, but when we learned that he took the title it was a really good feeling. It is quite rare for a 13 year old boy to win an ITF event. Amazing job Ronan!


As an aside: Roshan Jachunk (Ronan’s father) has been an incredible travelling coach for Ronan. Initially we considered having a travelling coach for him. Now, we may just have to send other players with Roshan! ┬áHe has done an incredible job with Ronan’s preperation and management during the tournaments.


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