Up until now Sylvester “Sly” Black has quietly gone about his business of coaching and developing junior gold ball winners and professional players. Many actually consider Sly to be the most successful junior tennis coach in North America over the past 10 years. There is good reason for that. Many famous names in the tennis coaching world make claims of coaching high level players, but Sly actually creates high level players.

In an effort to make things more convenient for players and their parents, Sly has teamed up with some of the highest level tennis coaches and sports science practitioners in the world.  Sly has no interest in creating a tennis factory atmosphere and is going to keep everything in his program privatized or semi-privatized.

“I want players to really develop and don’t want any player getting lost in the mix and. I am certain that parents will quickly see that our program is the highest quality and best value in the tennis world.”

-Sly Black


At the Sly Black High Performance Program, we focus on technique, strategy, mental strength, and physical conditioning. This is a serious atmosphere of matchplay, drilling, and physical training.  These training elements are used with a specific focus on traveling to appointment with a group of other players who have experience in competition and may already be ranked in the state, nationally or internationally. We focus on taking essential training elements on the road to tournaments as a team in order to support each other and learn how to not simply win but to make your losses a learning and growing experience. Additionally, notes and progress reports along with video will be kept in order to review matchplay like the pro’s do.