Hurricane Tyra Black and Jeff Drock

Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach Jeff Drock began training with Hurricane “Tyra” Black when she was 9 years old.

Drock  stated the following:

“I am extremely proud of how Tyra has developed as both a player and a person. She is respectful, intelligent, funny, works extremely hard, and everyone truly enjoys being around her.  Of course her technical and physical skills are at an extremely high level, but her tennis IQ (intelligence) is what really sets her apart.  Tyra truly deserves the title of world champion and she earned it.”

“In the the finals and throughout the tournament the balls that Tyra was able to retrieve amazed everyone watching the match. Many of her opponents shots would have been winners against every other 12 year old in the world but those shots were neutralized by Tyra. She fought like a champion and completely frustrated her opponent.  This o-6, 6-2, 6-4 finals match showed a lot of people what Hurricane “Tyra” Black is truly made of!”

Jeff Tyra Orange 225x300 Hurricane Tyra Black and Jeff Drock

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