SBHPT Elements

Sly Black High Performance Training Elements Include:


Stroke Production: Learning correct technique and consistency with each stroke by drilling and video observation.


Footwork Movement: Learning the correct and most efficient movement in tennis including sand work, field and track work, and on-court movement.


FedBall Drilling: Having tennis balls fed to the members by our pros with precision, working on patterns, technique, specialty shots, and conditioning.


Live Ball Drilling: Match simulations, playing patterns, consistency drills, placement and target drilling, endurance and speed training.


Video Analysis: Watching match-play, stroke production, and discussing technical analysis.

Strength & Flexibility Training: Building your body to become stronger and more flexible to prevent injury.


Mental Toughness: Learning what to do between points, how to focus one point at a time, and learning to compete in the zone.


Speed and Agility: Learning to move using Center- Point Theory to become a faster and more efficient player with sand, track, and field workouts.


Matchplay: Point simulations such as playing up, playing down, pressure sets, and playing the score.