USA Wins 12 and Under World Team Championship!

A big congradulations to the United States for winning both the Girls and the Boys World team Titles at Coupe Leblanc in Quebec, Canada. The best teams from around the world compete in a girls division and a boys division. It is amazing that the United States won both titles and showcases the current level of tennis junior tennis in the 12′s division.  Two players from each country were chosen to play singles and then doubles in a team format.

We are so proud that the two players chosen to represent the United States train at Sly Black High Performance Tennis in Boca Raton, Florida. Charlotte Owensby and Cori Gauff  (pictured from left to right) achieved victory and the United States Girls team is etched in history as being the 2015 world champion team. Awesome Job Cori and Charlotte!!!

LeBlanc2015 USA Wins 12 and Under World Team Championship!

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